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  • I have been on two photo tours with Renée Doyle, and can recommend her unequivocally and without any reservation. I have enjoyed the fruits of her working tirelessly over the course of months to secure access to locations not normally available to the public and to her almost instantly gaining the trust of those overseeing the security of locations, securing the ability for us to shot where it was normally not permitted. I observed her closely for a month across two countries and was struck by the fact that she never once put her interests before her student’s interests. She seemed to be able to easily guide those who are new to photography as well as the more seasoned tour members. When the group decided the weather was too bad to go out one afternoon on a planned hike, she offered to take me and another diehard tour member out anyway. Even though she had been to locations before, she would often go out the day before to make sure we would have no surprises. She was always eager to help with both suggestions on how to better capture an image and how to process it. Her suggestions were always appropriate, highly useful, tactfully delivered and patiently explained. She definitely opened my eyes when it comes to photoshop processing. Prior to working with Renée I would do 99% of my processing in Lightroom and occasionally drop into photoshop for some content aware fills. Now I process almost every image in Photoshop and find myself using a much richer set of tools with greater deftness and producing vastly better images. I wish I had met her sooner. I am happy to say that she has become a great friend and ‘tho we live in different hemispheres she has continued to help me with keen insights into how images I share with her can be improved. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. I offer as proof of the sincerity of my words in this testimonial that before I returned from the second trip with Renée, I signed up for two more of her photo tours for 2019. Now I’m counting the days to that next trip.

    Richard Bratt
  • The experience with Renee on a recent expedition to Kenya, was nothing short of amazing. Renee’s camera and general photographic knowledge and her ability and patience in imparting that knowledge and answering questions is extremely good. Also, her attention to detail with the organisation of travel, accommodation, guide and driver, with the essential local intelligence was excellent. I can highly recommend a photographic experience with Renee

  • The costumes and the people always make an exciting, colorful time in Venice. I know - I have been twice before - but getting to know a few of the “models” personally in our “semi-private" photo shoots inside and outside some amazing Palazzos was really special. In addition, Ken and Renee had the inside scoop (from their prior friendships) to get us to the right location at the right time where the costumed models were gathering. A wonderful experience thanks to both of them

  • This was a very well organized and well prepared workshop. It was the best workshop I have ever attended... I learned and experienced a great deal at this workshop, and completely enjoyed it. I plan to attend other workshops that they put on, independent or joint. My thanks to them for a very special experience and great memories.

    Barbara and Bill S.
  • The experience gained on my trip was priceless as I learnt so much not just out on the shoots but in the photoshop sessions as well. We got to each location to shoot at the perfect time and thats because so much preparation has been taken to choose accommodation close to each location to cut on travelling time to maximise shooting time. They set the bar high and I can throughly recommend a workshop with them and I look forward to attending another one in the future.

    Jannene M.
  • My workshop with Ken Koskela and Renee Doyle in Venice was amazing. Having Ken and Renee as our leaders made it extra special. Their knowledge in photography is immense. They knew Venice well which made for a well organized trip. The photo shoots were first class because of their extensive experiences and connections. Ken and Renee knew the models well which added to the charm throughout the week. I recommend highly going on a photo workshop with Ken and Renee.

    Phyllis H.
  • I highly recommend a workshop with Ken and Renee. Attending their 2017 Venice program, I was impressed by both of them as tour leaders and organizers, for their friendliness, helpfulness and willingness to share their experiences, tips and secrets to creating better images. Their established relationships with several of the exceptional models who attend each year meant our group had several very unique private and semi-private shoots pre-arranged in great locations (both indoors and outside) away from the massive tourist crowds. The small group size (10 photographers) was a great bonus, making it easy to interact with Ken and Renee whenever needed. I would happily attend again.

    Chris B.
  • This tour was fantastic, very well organised, the accommodations were excellent and I learnt so much. Even about cloud formations!!!!! Both Ken and Renee are experts in their field. I would not hesitate in recommending any of Renee or Ken’s photo workshops to anyone that is considering attending one.

    Madonna A.

About me

Renee lives on the Gold Coast, Australia – but her desire and passion for photography takes her away from home for a good part of each year. Renee’s range of photography is quite diverse. Nature and wildlife leads her to a more purist form of photography, but having been mentored in the creative world of the Digital Darkroom, her desire to create Photo Art has also grown.

Renee runs regular photography tours throughout the year where she presents opportunities for photographers of all experience levels to immerse themselves in amazing surroundings and return home with images that they will be proud of.  She has been published numerous times in UK and Australian magazines and newspapers, is an International award winner, and is also published multiple times in the world’s biggest curated online photo gallery.

“My love of travel bought about my love of photography. Travelling to over 50 amazing countries, and seeing incredible sights, made me want to return home with compelling images so that I could share what I had seen and felt.  Now I enjoy sharing that passion and my knowledge of photography with others – and help them to capture those special and magical moments in this very beautiful world”

  • Canon R5
  • Canon 1DX-MKII
  • Canon EF 200-400 F/4 IS USM Extender 1.4x
  • Canon RF 70-200 f/2.8
  • Canon RF 100-500 f/4.5-7.1
  • Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8
  • Canon EF 16-35 f/2.8
  • Canon EF 14mm f/2.8
  • Canon EF 24mm f/1.4
  • Canon EF 100mm f/2.8
  • Manfrotto Carbon Fibre Tripod
  • Really Right Stuff BH55 LR Ballhead
  • Really Right Stuff Safari Rig